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 Gameness VS Agrressiveness Just a lil' what's what.

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PostSubject: Gameness VS Agrressiveness Just a lil' what's what.   Sun Apr 12, 2009 6:25 pm

To better understand this we need to examine the survival instinct as it applies to Wolves in the wild, and in order for that to happen we need a scenario that commonly occurs in the wild. Let's say that a pack of wolves has just killed a deer and is in the process of eating. Since the dogs are very hungry they just start tearing away at the carcass and eventually there will be a piece of meat that two males, (just for argument sake), will want. Well of course there will be a conflict when that happens, right? The first thing one wolf will do is to start something called "threat display", by showing his teeth and raising the hair on his back to appear larger than he is. He might even growl to sound mean. This type of behavior is used so that he does not have to fight. The idea is intimidation first, then and only then will he actually fight. The reason for this is the ever present survival instincts. Being physically injured could potentially risk life itself, hence "threat display" You'll also notice that the fights the do happen are very short and almost never result in debilitating injuries. Again in the interest of surviving. All the slashing teeth, rearing up on the hind legs and so forth are variations on a theme. The aggressiveness is therefore considered threat display and as such is not, I repeat not a desirable trait when crafting a combat dog. Therefore, gameness and aggressiveness are not the same. I game dog does

  • NOT show his teeth.
  • NOT raise up on his hind legs.
  • NOT growl or make any noise other than maybe screaming or whimpering due to the intense desire for physical contact.
  • NOT show aggressiveness towards humans as this is yet again a manifestation of THREAT display.
So, for people to say that these dogs are people aggressive simply because they have seen action in the pit is not because they are stupid, just uninformed
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Gameness VS Agrressiveness Just a lil' what's what.
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