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 Find out if your fire department has this it saved my dogs

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PostSubject: Find out if your fire department has this it saved my dogs   Fri Oct 19, 2007 1:52 pm

Best Friends 'Cause for Paws' Program Provides
Pet Resuscitation Masks for Community Firefighters

"Cause for Paws" is a fund-raising campaign started by Best Friends Pet Care to provide pet resuscitation masks to fire and rescue teams in communities where we do business.

Pets are at risk of injury from smoke inhalation during home fires -- just as people are. However, human oxygen masks don't fit properly on animals, and many pets die from smoke inhalation. The purpose of "Cause for Paws" is to help protect pets by outfitting emergency teams in Best Friends service areas with specially-designed dog and cat oxygen masks.

The program began in July 2004 when Best Friend donated fifteen masks to the North Plainfield, NJ Fire Department. Community feedback was so strong that the company launched "Cause for Paws" to encourage contributions towards the purchase of masks for other fire departments. The program has since been expanded to other Best Friends locations, and continues to grow.

To encourage community giving, Best Friends has established a matching program: for fire departments within 15 miles of a participating location (see list below), we match community gifts on a dollar-for-dollar basis.

Contributions come from people of all ages and walks of life: from kindergarten students in South Carolina, who did household chores to raise money to get masks for their local fire station; to a volunteer firefighter in New Jersey, who wanted to outfit the station where he worked; to an elderly couple in Connecticut, who donated funds as a Christmas gift to their family.

For more information, read the latest news about the program, or check our Cause for Paws Questions-and-Answers. Click here to view our "Cause for Paws" poster.

Watch the Cause for Paws Video
Low Bandwidth Version - 1.05 MB
High Bandwidth Version - 7.35 MB

Read Some Cause for Paws Testimonials

Participating 'Cause for Paws' Locations
The "Cause for Paws" pet resuscitation masks program is currently underway at the following Best Friends locations. Fire departments within 30 miles of any location are eligible for matching through that Best Friends.

If you do not live in a Best Friends service area, visit www.surgivet.com for information on purchasing masks.

Current cost of masks in $55 per set

Best Friends Kenar Pet Resort, Carmichael
Best Friends San Diego

Best Friends Pet Village, Wheat Ridge

Best Friends Norwalk Pet Resort
Best Friends Rocky Hill Pet Resort
Keystone Pet Care Center, Bethany
Mountain View Kennel, Avon

Best Friends Duluth
Best Friends Marietta

All for Doggies, Chicago
American Pet Motel, Prairie View
Windy City K-9 Club, Chicago

Best Friends Carmel Pet Resort
Best Friends Indianapolis Pet Resort

Best Friends Gaithersburg
Montrose Pet Hotel, Rockville

Best Friends Ashland
Best Friends Boxford
Best Friends Brockton
Best Friends Sudbury
Best Friends Tyngsboro
Best Friends Wakefield

Four Star Pet Hotel, Lansing
Best Friends Clinton

New Jersey:
Best Friends Berlin
Best Friends Cinnaminson
Best Friends Marlboro
Best Friends North Plainfield Pet Resort
Best Friends Shrewsbury
Kauffman Kennels, Windsor

New York:
Best Friends Chestnut Ridge
Best Friends Harrison
Best Friends White Plains

North Carolina:
Best Friends Pineville (Charlotte) Pet Resort
Shady Grove Kennel, Durham

Best Friends Cincinnati

Best Friends Oklahoma City

South Carolina:
Best Friends Greenville Pet Resort

Best Friends Houston
Best Friends Spring Pet Resort
Best Friends Veterinary Hospital, Spring

Montrose Pet Hotel, Fairfax
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PostSubject: Re: Find out if your fire department has this it saved my dogs   Mon Dec 03, 2007 4:21 am

I am a fireman for the City of Chattanooga and we carry these or very similar on our trucks in our O2 bags!!
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PostSubject: Re: Find out if your fire department has this it saved my dogs   Thu Dec 27, 2007 6:50 pm

Thanks for the info
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PostSubject: Re: Find out if your fire department has this it saved my dogs   

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Find out if your fire department has this it saved my dogs
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