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 Shock: Symptoms and What To Do

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PostSubject: Shock: Symptoms and What To Do   Thu Mar 08, 2007 10:55 pm

Shock is a term used loosely and often incorrectly... On both human and animal terms, it is much more serious than the slight feeling of malaise that occurs after a minor accident or fright which is often called 'shock'. Signs of shock are:

Pale mouth, lips and eyelid color
Cool skin and legs
Rapid, but weak pulse (may be over 140 per minute)
Rapid respiration (over 40 breaths per minute)
Fixated stare
Dilated pupils

If any or all of the signs for shock... occur after an accident or prolonged illness, treat for shock as shown below and call the vet immediately.

Keep airways open, giving artificial respiration or CPR as necessary, bandage or splint any fracture or extensive wound.
Wrap the dog in a thick cloth or towel to conserve body heat. If the dog is unconscious, keep their head as low as, or lower than, the rest of the body.
Gently massage legs and muscles to maintain circulation unless you suspect that they may be fractured or broken. Keep the dog calm and warm.
Get to the veterinary clinic promptly. Time is vital, especially for the intravenous introduction of fluid in severe cases.

First Aid Tips

Learn to treat common injuries. Help your pet in emergency response.

Artificial Respiration/ CPR
A basic knowledge of artificial respiration and CPR could save the life of your dog in an emergency situation.

How to assist in the case of unconsciousness and convulsion as well as heatstroke and collapse.

An often misunderstood condition, learn to identify and take emergency measures.

First Aid Kit
A necessity for on-the-road emergencies and accidents.

Healthy dogs...

Have a temperature of 101-102 F.
A respiratory rate of 15-20 breaths per minute.
Heart rate of 80-120 beats per minute. They have pink gums, inside of lips, tongue, insides of eyelids and rapid capillary refill action in these areas.
They have clean-smelling ears and skin and a full haircoat.
Their skin is pliant, an indication of proper hydration, and their eyes are clear and bright.

If it is impossible to get immediate veterinary help...

If the dog is conscious, give fluids orally. Administer an appropriate amount (depending on dog's size) of tepid water mixed with sugar every 30 minutes for 2-3 hours.
Never administer anything by mouth if the dog is unconscious, convulsing or vomiting.
Take pulse and breathing rate every 30 minutes and record them.
Note any blood in urine etc., and report these details to the vet.
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Shock: Symptoms and What To Do
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