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 Kennel Cough

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PostSubject: Kennel Cough   Sun Jul 01, 2007 9:16 am

Kennel Cough is not typically dangerous and is typically caused by any one several different infectious agents that irritate the lining of the throat. The most common organisms associated with such infections are the bacteria Bordetella, two viruses Parainfluena and Adenovirus, and the organism Mycoplasma.

Typically the symptoms of infection are a dry, hacking cough occur around 3-7 days from the point of exposure and last typically 7-21 days in duration. Symptoms increase with the activity of the dog due to the increased irritation of air passing over exposed nerves in the dog’s trachea. Other than the cough there are typically no other symptoms.

Most cases of kennel cough will go away on their own without the need for medications. Cough suppressants and antibiotics may also aid in speeding up the recovery process and reducing the cough thus making it more comfortable for the dog involved.

Kennel cough is typically transmitted in areas where there are numbers of dogs confined together such as kennels, shelters, dog shows, dog parks and so on. In-door environments perpetuate the risk due to lack of airflow. Like a human cold it only takes one infected dog to spread the infection and may do so for days or even weeks after they have seemed to recover.

Kennel cough can be acquired even in the cleanest environments and is not subject to blame typically of the kennel, shelter, show operator. Many dogs develop an immunity against such infection due to minor exposures they receive during their life that act in the same way an immunization booster shot does.

All cough should be reviewed by a vet as there may be other causes such as serious respiratory disease, heartworms and cardiac disease.

Vaccination is available but non-commercial brands typically only protect against the Bordetella agent. Other agents are however typically protected against with routine vaccinations. If considering activities that will regularly expose your dog to such infection vaccination should be considered and provided at least a few weeks beforehand.

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Kennel Cough
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