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 Wanted to Share

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PostSubject: Wanted to Share   Wed May 23, 2007 8:15 pm

Just a little something to warm your heart.
My husband spends a lot of time out in our garage which we converted into a studio loft. It feels like you are in another world when you are in there. Everything is really cozy and peaceful. many nights my husband falls asleep in there. Blues and China love to go in there as well. It is a bit difficult with China because she still is into everything and anything and my husband has a lot of musical equipment out there. Also I sometimes think that China gets on Blues’ nerves because she just can’t leave him alone and even though he loves her he is still just getting over being an ‘only child.’. I also love to spend time alone with China, she is so enchanting that I fall more in love with her everyday(if that’s possible). When I am sad she will come up to me and actually put her paw on my face and look straight into my eyes as if to say”hey mom everything will be alright”. Jerome just said the other night that he would rather have China (as tiny as she is) then any other Pit in the world(other then Blues of course) . She is really unique almost like a fairy or a pixie. Anyway..a few nighst ago Blues wanted to stay in the garage with Jerome. China always misses Blues when he is not there but loves the attention also. At about 4am Jerome intercoms me and says to let Blues in because he just is standing at the door and won’t lay down. Well did my heart just skip a beat , when Blues saw China he just ran to her with his tail wagging so hard that he yelped with joy. China was so excited she almost ran through the glass door, I couldn’t get her to settle down for the rest of the night. Since that time every morning when they get up(from my bed) they both go downstairs and cuddle in Blues’ kennel until I let them outside. Is this love or what?
Sorry this was so long but I wanted to share it.
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Wanted to Share
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