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 Homeless with Spirit on the road... the story.

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PostSubject: The Oasis of my Soul...   Sun Jan 03, 2010 12:52 pm

Into the New Year, more of Big Bend. Tx

Finally the maintenance on Old Faithful is totally finished, including reinforcing the rear rack supporting my camera case. Seems as the oil changes are endless, one after another they are due. When one does not have a car, that is however generally the case. We are into the New Year obviously, the temps are cold and colder in the mornings, afternoons see me in a short sleeve T shirt. I was thinking about how long it takes us to get ready on an early morning and wrote about it step by step. I find it pretty hilarious, thinking most that have never ridden or are fair weather riders will also share that humor as I can only see it as such.
Big Bend Park has renewed my energy to start exploring it’s spaces again, the ones we have access to it, paved roads, unpaved roads, no trails… Same old story of “no dogs” on trails in National Parks. But, it is only a few miles from here, I am on a quest of new discoveries for this year.
We are here and we are there, this space and a bit ahead at times, wrongly so maybe, but the road never cease to call us as much as we love it here. It is the eternal quest I feel, the eternal balance trying to maintain.
I picked my favorite photo of the Year… enjoy it.
Be well…
Ara & Spirit

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Number of posts : 372
Registration date : 2007-05-20

PostSubject: The Oasis of my Soul...   Wed Jan 06, 2010 4:24 am

A ride to Boquillas Canyon. Tx

Sometimes within this big land of ours, no destination is a great one and becomes an even better Journey. Why bother knowing the miles, the time, getting there… Even considering the fact that we cannot hike the trails together, Spirit and I, the Park still remains one of my favorite destination, so vast, with still many roads forking to the left and right and many photos to take. Boquillas Canyon is where we end up the other day. I like to go to the look out, unpleasant as it is to see this little Village named Boquillas, isolated because of some bureaucracy needing to be followed. The Border is closed. There is always someone to talk to and their jovial personality considering their situation is always so refreshing. I actually feel more comfortable in such Spaces and conversations than being into a City as I was not too long ago.
We are getting ready for a real cold spell, that is what they say anyhow. To the point right now when a ride is so enjoyed as maybe we will have to stay put for a couple of days… an Artic front! “The high temperatures will be 25 to 30 degrees below normal…” It is really promising this time. I have no clue where else we could go to stay warmer during the winter months and yet have the beautiful space as here. So… we will endure it a bit!
Enjoy the ride…
Be well… Ara & Spirit
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Homeless with Spirit on the road... the story.
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