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 Holy guitar collection! My bro's guitar building/owning

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Holy guitar collection! My bro's guitar building/owning Empty
PostSubject: Holy guitar collection! My bro's guitar building/owning   Holy guitar collection! My bro's guitar building/owning Icon_minitimeSun Apr 19, 2009 10:53 pm

As some of you may remember my brother is helping me.. well heck.. he's doing most of it.. but building a guitar to sell to raise money at a pit bull event. It will have a pit bull head on the headstock (We're using Reddy if anyone knows Aubrey). Anyways.. my brother is selling most of his guitar collection off and from his ebay sale page.. I seen he had a youtube and thought i'd check some out! Wow.. I knew my brother had a lot of guitars but just wow..

In some of the picks I can even see the beginings of the pit bull guitar.. from a pile of wood on a bench to the actual guitar being cut out and sitting under a guitar he is taking the pick of He even has some of the guitars he built in here.. towards the end shows a white bc rich warlock looking type.. a wooden one with the skeleton holding cards.. and the one with the flaming/screaming skull. (and the oil can ones too) It's really neat to see the process.. going from just a drawing.. to buying the wood.. carving.. etc.. now to functional guitars that work great!! Good luck to my brother to get a business going out of it!! Take a look if you want!