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 biggest sign i have ever worked on

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biggest sign i have ever worked on Empty
PostSubject: biggest sign i have ever worked on   biggest sign i have ever worked on Icon_minitimeMon Mar 02, 2009 2:17 am

Well guys this sign was estimated by the biggest sign companys in the southwest and our company was the only one willing to take it on.

this sign is 12' tall and 30' long it is 2' deep made of a solid steel frame. it was damaged by a recent tornado.

our company was brough in to use our crane to take this sign down and repair it.

the signs total weight was just over 1 ton made of solid still framing

it consist of 26 15000 v transformers all to be replaced and 1 role of electrical wire plus about 60' of neon to be replaced.

the sign is 85' in the air which we alread cut down and set on the ground for repairs. we did not have a truck big enough to hall it so we have to repair it on sight

we used 1 crain and 1 crain/ladder truck to take it down one is ours and one is leased. well anywhey here is the sign i,ll have after pictures after it is completed.

biggest sign i have ever worked on Photo0052
biggest sign i have ever worked on Photo0053
biggest sign i have ever worked on Photo0054

to remount this sign we will attach a flate plate and then reweld the sign to that plate which will give it more structureal support than before and reweld the origional telescoping plate. that broke in the first place. how this works is the telescoping pole is mounted to a plate and the smaller pole goes about two feet into the first pole what kept the sign from completely falling was the main pole was holding the telescoping pole inside the plate the plate was keeping the whole thing from falling.
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biggest sign i have ever worked on
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