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 Why an ADBA APBT?

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PostSubject: Why an ADBA APBT?   Thu Dec 25, 2008 2:45 am

Why do I choose to own an American Pit Bull Terrier? Now, I知 not talking about owning a bully breed, I知 not talking about a owning a pit bull type dog of questionable parentage, and I知 not talking about owning an Am Staff. I知 talking about why I choose to own the 喪eal deal. And, if the phrase 喪eal deal offends you, so be it. Quite frankly, I知 tired of trying to be politically correct in an effort to bring a diverse group of people together for solely the benefit of the dogs. That concept only seems to work as long as one side seems to be moving towards the other. I can稚 say I see much effort at all from the other side 僧oving to meet us in the middle. That only tells me, that my choice of dog must still be viewed as a part of the 叢it bull problem. Silly me, I致e always thought it to be education and irresponsible ownership. What a pity and injustice for the dogs, and shame on you 蘇olier than thou mindset.

Now to answer the original question.deep inhale; slow sighing exhaleWhy do I choose to own an ADBA registered American Pit Bull Terrier? Why, because my ancestors who fought, and lost their lives in wars past, provided me the Constitutional right to do so. PERIOD. No more explanation should be needed. And, if you are tired of hearing about constitutional rights, too bad because my ancestors didn稚 loose their lives for naught; I cherish my freedoms. Big brother is working hard to take as many away as possible, and those of you who choose to put your nose in my business about what my pit bull should act like, is helping big brother along the way I might add. You too will one day feel this same pinch and will find yourselves fighting for your own cherished rights.you can take it to the bank.

Now, mind you, before I can answer the question I think it important to define what an American Pit Bull Terrier is. More specifically what an ADBA registered American Pit Bull Terrier is. The American Dog Breeders Association (ADBA) was founded in 1909. A lot took place over the next 66 years but I quote from 践istory of the ADBA, 的n 1976, the A.D.B.A. was petitioned by the owners of the breed, who possessed a very competitive spirit, to develop a standard on the breed by which conformation dog shows could be held. They did not want a standard that copied those of the UKC or AKC, but a standard for those dogs that they owned and continued to breed for the traits of intelligence, character, loyalty, and the athletic conformation that the breed was originally bred for hundreds of years ago. Thereby, they could continue competition, in a legal endeavor. Thus, the formation of the A.D.B.A. Conformation Standard. Key points herestandard that did not copy UKC or AKC.legal endeavorscontinue to breed for intelligence, character, loyalty, athletic conformation that the breed was originally bred for hundreds of years ago. Tired of hearing about hundreds of years ago? We are not. That is precisely one of the many things we love about our breed. We can study pedigrees, we can identify the various 鼠ines and which breeders had their hands in the make-up of the very dogs we care for and pick up after each and every day. We do not want our dogs to change. We strive to preserve the very same genetics of the dogs from hundreds of years ago. Why do we choose to own this breed of dog? I have to ask why our choice bothers you so much? If you don稚 like their heritage, their intelligence, their character, their loyalty, their athleticism or what the breed was originally bred for, by all means go find a dog that suits your personal taste, but quit with the criticizing of and attempt to change the traits of my choice. We have actively and eagerly embraced all bully dogs, quit ridiculing ours because we don稚 want a 創ew age pit bull.

My dogs are well cared for, well fed, with more than adequate housing, they get regular exercising and conditioningwe fulfill their need to work and perform. Their love for us is undying and they are courageous, loyal, and dedicated enough to die protecting us. We are each others sole-mate. They are funny, silly and clownish enough to make us laugh when we are mad, and gentle and intuitive enough to know and kiss our tears away when we are sad. They can read what is in our hearts and we can read what is in theirs. No, they are not the dog for everyone. Yes, they are high maintenance, especially those who display the trait of dog aggression. And, let痴 face it dog aggression in today痴 dogs, as well as the history and heritage that most often includes dog-fighting, is what this question is really about anyway. So let痴 quit dancing around what we are really talking about.

My dogs do not run loose causing harm to other animals and certainly not to people. And, do not put me in the position of needing to explain that dog aggression and human aggression are very different indeed. I知 taking care of my business appropriately. Don稚 begin to tell me my dog of choice should change with the times. Dog aggression becomes a problem when an uneducated or irresponsible owner is involved. So, put your effort into those areas and leave me and my ADBA registered dogs alone. I give you no reason to be critical. I have gone without incident.

Yes, we own treadmills, carpet mills, flirt poles, spring poles, and breaksticks. Yes, those of us with numerous dogs have not only learned the dance, but have perfected the crate and rotate waltz as an orchestrated event. Yes, we hail to the names of Lightner, Clouse, Wallace, Colby, Tudor, Carver, Garner, Crenshaw, Hemphill, Wilder, Boudreaux, Boyles, and others. Absolutely not because we are glorifying dog fighting, but because they are responsible for creating this incredible dog curled up beside me on the loveseat whose head is resting peacefully, lovingly and contentedly on my legs. Not because he 礎ows up to another dog.that just comes with the territory of owning this breed. But, no longer will I be made to feel embarrassed by it or made to feel like I should change it, because I am not.

So, change your dogs if you wish, that is your business. But for heavens sake do not set the breed up for failure by going around touting pit bulls are just like any other dog because they are not; or, worse yet, that a pit bull should be or act like any other dog.

Funny thing is I thought we had bridged this gap and worked our way past this point. I thought we had agreed that education and irresponsible ownership is where the problem lies and that we were setting philosophical differences aside to work together to tackle this problem.and, making good strides at that. But apparently, the easier solution is to change the dog. Not on my watch. I am sorry. What really saddens me the most is how this hurts the dogs. It痴 more important for a personal agenda such as that of (I知 looking for a stronger word but can稚 seem to find one) promoting spay and neutering and changing a dogs genetic make-up being more important than getting to the real nuts and bolts and doing the hard work of educating about all pit bull characteristics and responsible ownership.

Why is that every other breed of dog can hold on to their original reason why the breed was developed and maintain their individual breed integrity? Why can稚 the American Pit Bull Terrier? And, don稚 tell me because they have to change with the times because bird dogs are still bred to be bird dogs, and likewise with other breeds. Maybe that is the question people need to be asking instead of why I choose an ADBA registered American Pit Bull Terrier.
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PostSubject: Re: Why an ADBA APBT?   Sat Mar 28, 2009 11:50 pm

It's refreshen to know that there are other people out there keeping the APBT "true to form" and are happy with a dog that is unlike any other animal in the world. Let em keep the bullys.
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PostSubject: Re: Why an ADBA APBT?   Sun Mar 29, 2009 2:20 am

wow.. good post Rosie..

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woody d

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PostSubject: Re: Why an ADBA APBT?   Sun Mar 29, 2009 4:01 am

wow...nice post Rosie! usually i have something to add, but that one was a doozie
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PostSubject: Re: Why an ADBA APBT?   Sun Mar 29, 2009 6:34 pm

long-winded, but worth the read, imo. you have a GREAT passion, i like that. this breed NEEDS more people like you!
kudos... nice post!
and ps, i too, am sick to DEATH of ALL the crap amongst "pit bull" owners. it's like fighting a civil war on a day to day basis.....sux..... Sad
again, nice post. 2 thumbs up to yah!
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PostSubject: Re: Why an ADBA APBT?   

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