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 Annoying Commentators

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PostSubject: Annoying Commentators   Sun Oct 05, 2008 10:46 pm

Last night Max Kellerman, Lennox Lewis, and another stooge (forget his name, will call him moe) commentated the bout between Andrey Tsurkan and Alfredo Angulo that was broadcast live on HBO's boxing after dark. While watching this telecast, I was more alarmed by their obvious lack of cojones and defeatism, than anything I saw happening between the two boxers. Kellerman and friends were crying, begging, and pleading for someone to stop this bout because from the outset of the bout, Tsurkan was taking a lot of hard blows from Angulo that were obviously hurting him. From the start of the bout, Kellerman, Lewis, and Moe talked up a storm about Angulo's greatness and Tsurkan's weaknesses. At about the 6th round they countinously predicted doom for Tsurkan and emphatically called for the end of the bout to "save him from himself" and to "live to fight another day". They were saying all of this while Tsurkan mounted an admirable and game offensive the whole while. He never stopped trying to win the bout; even while taking a brutal beating, round after round, this guy kept mounting an attack, landing punches of his own. When asked if he wanted to quit between rounds, he clearly said that he was "alright". It suprised me that the commentators did not give him an ounce of credit for his tenacity, and even wanted to punish him for showing such great heart by stopping the bout. I wonder if I was the only one watching the fight who wanted to see if maybe Tsurkan could overcome Angulo by sheer guts and determination. The boyscout commentators were not even curious. Tsurkan was robbed last night by the commentators, who ignored his greatest strength as a boxer. They turned his greatest strength, gameness, into a weakness, something he should be protected from. The commentators should go rethink their warped values.
Peace, Out.
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Annoying Commentators
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