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 lost dogs

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PostSubject: lost dogs   Mon Jun 09, 2008 4:21 pm

Untold Stories of Forgotten Dogs

This story is about a dog called Sunny Boys "Choko" and his parents. "Choko" was bred by JB from stock he acquired from Limey Kennels at the time. JB had a male out of "Spike" x "Tug" called "Chester", and bred him to a triple inbred "Nelis" bitch called "Flakey", also Limey stock. "Chester" was litter brother to Ch."Alligator", "Preudens", "Dillinger", "Miss Fox" and others. "Flakey" was litter sister to Springviews "Beauty". "Chester" was put on contract by JB into a dog called Ch."Blinky" (from the book Legacy Of Gameness from Rocca). In the book, a mistake is put on paper, as it says that "Chester" quit in that show? Nothing could be further from the truth, as the story was told by a man who never saw this show, but bought "Blinky" later. "Chester" was a troublemaker stirring up the whole yard of JB all of the time, and got a serious shoulder problem in the second week of the pre-keep. JB being pissed off a bit, said "well I'm going to bring him in on weight and fit or not, let's see if he can shoot some trouble in the box, instead of in my yard and so he did. 5 weeks later, he was in the box, off the chain, into the "Blinky" dog. "Chester" might and probably would have gotten away with it, if he was into a lesser dog, but "Blinky" was just too much for him. U+S Kennels recognising his quality and gameness offered $3000 for him after the loss, but he was not sold.

O.K. the mother of Sunny Boys "Choko", the "Flakey" bitch. She was bred by Limey Kennels and sent to JB as a gift. She was bred as follows, Nelis x Tug produced Ch. "Dutch" she was bred back to "Nelis" to produce Ch. "Neilson"(ROM) "Popeye" (ROM) and "Nipper" and another bitch. "Nipper" was bred back to "Nelis" again to produce "Flakey" and Springviews "Beauty". "Beauty", who I seen once was a poor conformation bitch, undershot, and donkey back which is normal when bred that way. However, I have heard she showed extreme gameness in a show. "Flakey" was looked at and JB didn't feel she was a show bulldog, as she could not take the pressure he gave her on her shoulders (not mentally, but physically) He put her on the yard of Mr Bulldog and said "leave her as she is, because she is a gift to me and should not be sold". However, Mr Bulldog sneakily sold her after a while to some friends of B.Hall, which names I cannot recall right now. "Flakey" was agreed to be matched in Texas into...AND THIS WILL BE A SURPRISE...INTO COY AND THE MOTHER OF GR.CH. "BANJO" AND GR.CH. "BB RED". The ref was Bobby Smith (R.I.P.) who reported the show in his magazine the "Face Your Dogs". At the the end of the show which lasted 1.24 min, the mother of Gr. Ch. "Banjo" and "BB Red" quit and took the count on her time to scratch.... making "Flakey" the winner.

Bobby Hall shouted that she was the baddest bitch is Texas. I know this news will be something of a stir up, as this is not known to many people. That today's Texas (finest) was beat by a European inbred brood bitch bred by Limey Kennels! O.K., her son Sunny Boys "Choko" won one show and was then lined up into another USA dog from Danny Burtons hands called "The Mechanic" who won 3 (shown by Burton) and was in the hands of the Pied Piper, who sent him overseas to be shown, if I'm not mistaken by the Bross Brothers. "Choko" was in the hands of the Sunny Boys who were very nice people to be around with, but not familiar about the conditioning aspect of the game (to put it out mildly). "Choko" was into a furious show with "The Mechanic" and both dogs went toe to toe. "Choko" finally was victorious in about 2.0 hours. "Choko" was run over by a tractor several months later and broke his hips and hind legs. After he had surgery and was healed up, they put him on contract one more time.

At the time of the conditioning it was wintertime and "Choko" could not be walked nor run the mill due to his former accidental damage playing up. Therefore, they decided to swim him, which was a big mistake. As it was wintertime, he developed a mild case off pneumonia and he was YES as his daddy put in the box anyway. This time he lost in short order, which cannot be blamed on the dog really. The rumour goes that his mother "Flakey" ended up on Burtons yard! The moral of this story: there is many a good dog out there better than known Champion dogs. Even losers who are better than known Ch. dogs, that don't get the recognition they deserve and/or are forgotten, like "Flakey", "Chester" and their son "Choko", who were a Limey bred gene pool, only known to a handful of people.
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PostSubject: Re: lost dogs   Mon Jun 09, 2008 8:41 pm

Thanks Mike
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lost dogs
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