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 game vs show

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PostSubject: game vs show   Sun Mar 30, 2008 5:33 pm

Ok I have been seeing statements all of the forums about what do u like game bred dogs or show bred dogs, this is about the dumbest question I have ever heard... I have been assocatated with the apbt for about 25 yrs. or more can't remember not having one other than about 5 yrs. that my wife and I didnt have one. but If you go by the standard in ADBA the attiude of the dog is important not saying DA I mean the over all temperment of the dog like ; alertness, aware of its surroundings , confindent, freindly to stangers NO "HA " AGRESSIVE DOG PERIOD, althought some DA is accepted. If you breed for showing standard your will produce a dog that has all the things it needs for the job. I have seen alot of weight pull dogs that are game and excelled in the art of weight pulling but some of them wouldnt even come close to doing anything in the show ring or anything else. All im trying to say is show and game goes hand in hand and there is no differece in the two. Growing up my father bred like the old school way and he produces some great show dog as well working dogs. several weight pull ace and champions, grand champions. and each and every one were game and my defineion of game is the dog will complete the task no matter what the cost even if it means death, its not always DA,some people bred for DA and that is not what should happen because if the dog is not conformation right then all you have is a dog that has all kinds of DA, but no physical ability to do the job.
DA dogs are not always game they can be very DA and as soon as it gets tough they quit on the job at hand.
So I think we all should be very careful on what we breed and why we breed. Have a plan and stick to it and dont breed just cause you can make a little money. if you think that you'll make some money your wrong.


Not to trash the bully owners here, I have seen alot of website saying my dogs have been tested for hip displaysa. When I see this it makes me very mad the Bully has health issuses like hip displasa? This was not a trait of the APBT and should never be. The German Shepards have problems with hip displysa now Rottties, Labs and alot more dogs that did not orignally have that trait. People has ruin breeds, they breed for size, big heads and wide chest instead of the working ability,temperment and conformation of the breed. Breeders of the Rotties and Labs and others have done the same thing. None of theses dogs are suppose to be a huge dog they are a med size dog. I remember when I was a young boy my Dad got a dog that would pretty much reseable a Bully dog that he felt bad for cuz the people wasn't taking care of the dog properley. I remember my Dad saying that he would never breed him cuz he thought the dog wasnt conformation right. Remember my Dad was an 2nd generation dog man. I think I will stay true to what I was told by my father and produce pups that will never have a terrible deseises like hip displaysa. To give you a example of what a APBT is suppose to be like. Its like a runner in a race, the long distance runner will beat the short distance runner everything time in a long distance race right? But if we look at the runners and how there built the long distance runner is long lean, stronght muscle with lots of stamina. The short distance runner is short with short bunchey mucsles that can't run as far just has alot in short burst, if that runner trys to run long distance his mucsle get over heated and will fail. Now just to let you bully guys and gals know I have owned a bully and I loved him as much as I do any of my "game bred show dogs" so this is just a fact that I have experinced.Briggs my old bully dog was a very active dog, but he wouldnt hold a candle to my dogs that I have now in any kind of race.
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PostSubject: Re: game vs show   Mon Mar 31, 2008 12:21 am

I could not agree with you more on this topic as this is something that I've tried to express on a previous post. Great post, very imformative.
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PostSubject: Re: game vs show   Mon Mar 31, 2008 3:53 am

Right on Mike, great post! cheers
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PostSubject: Re: game vs show   Wed Apr 02, 2008 5:46 pm

mike keep sharing your knowledgeon the breed these kind of post can help change the
minds of people out there. Keep it up.
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PostSubject: Re: game vs show   

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game vs show
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