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 Is irresponsible breeding hurting our breed?

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PostSubject: Re: Is irresponsible breeding hurting our breed?   Mon Jun 30, 2008 10:16 pm

CoolHandJean wrote:
As a person who has done an irresponsible breeding, I do believe that many acts hurt our breed. There are many things I regret about what I did, and would never breed another dog again, unless it was totally proven worth breeding. Just my two cents, since I have been on both sides of the fence.
Thank you very much for sharing that CHJ. It takes courage to admit your mistakes!
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PostSubject: Re: Is irresponsible breeding hurting our breed?   Sat Jul 05, 2008 6:50 am

I think that irresponsible breeders do hurt the pit bull breed! I think the biggest mistake is not doing home checks or enforcing contracts. We get approached alot by people who are interested in our dogs and want to know when there will be puppies and alot of them are obviously not people I would want to send a puppy off with! My friend stupidly bred her two dogs because one supposedly had papers and the other could "get papers". Well, 1st off neither one were papered and secondly this was the dogs first heat. All of them had hernias and she wound up selling them for $50 apiece to anyone who had cash just so she could get rid of them. Trust me, I was totally sickened by it.
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PostSubject: Re: Is irresponsible breeding hurting our breed?   Sat Jul 05, 2008 10:46 pm

Hopefully she learned a lesson from this experience.
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PostSubject: Re: Is irresponsible breeding hurting our breed?   Sun Jul 06, 2008 6:56 am

a gamedog breeder is more apt to study pedigrees and make linebreedings or battlecrosses. and that's fine...

a show breeder is interested more in conformation correct specimens and might go to a totally unrelated line. and that's o.k...

a weightpuller might breed for size and strenth and be less concerned about gameness or conformation. and that's o.k. for him too...

3 different ways and means to get what you want out of a breed.. and they are all fine.....but you have to be straight enough with your dog and yourself to do the research and homework. if you pour over the pedigrees,the history, your assessment of the dog, and the breeding options available.. you will eventually come to an understanding about the best option for your particuliar situation. once you have a breeding plan (or two) then inquire some opinions from folks who have experience with your line..

what kills this breed, is not having the stomach to cull the dogs that aren't what you expect them to be. i don't think anyone should be allowed to own a dog if you can't make a hard, gut-wrenching decision and have a dog put down. damn the spay/nueter contracts! if you can't keep most of them, or you don't have a waiting list for pups, don't breed.. and if you do breed and they aren't of quality (the kind that you would keep) don't turn them out to the public, kill them!

it sucks, i know! but it's the right and responsible thing to do. you must put the breed as a whole first, the essence of the breed is of more importance than one single animal. no matter how sweet or sad-eyed the dog is, or how soft-hearted or sentimental you are.
my words may seem callous but that's how you establish quality. take any "commercial" gamedog breeder..... they campaign and champion out a dog, then open him up to stud and start selling pups to the public...we all know cold dogs are a fact of life, but before long that stud is known as a "low percentage producer". but you take a breeder who's breeding to just a handful of bitches, keeping the dogs till they are showing to be good prospects and culling the rest. and before long that dog and breeder is famous.

and the reverse is true too.. take the Eli Jr./Bullyson debate.. Eli Jr. was known to be the better of the two brothers, but was bred (for the most part) to lesser quality bitches. Bully wasn't the dog Eli Jr. was, but far surpasses Jr. as a producer because of the quality of dogs he was bred too. (And Carver would sell good prospects to people who would use them, thus keeping his name on peoples tongues when they talked about quality breeders.)
so, really it's not the breeding killing our breed it's the lack of culling...
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PostSubject: Re: Is irresponsible breeding hurting our breed?   

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Is irresponsible breeding hurting our breed?
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