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 please check this out it is for a great cause

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PostSubject: please check this out it is for a great cause   Tue Apr 10, 2007 6:57 pm

Former MALEVOLENT CREATION drummer David Kinkade has launched the Metal 4 Pets Foundation in support of helping abused animals. Kinkade’s personal appeal for help reads as follows:

“I have launched the start of a life-long dream that I have had for years, to the helping of abused, homeless and neglected animals. I have always loved animals and have 3 myself. A young, black cat that I raised since birth, an older cat that I saved from a shelter and a little dog that I saved as well. ”

“Everyday, more that 2,600 animals are put down due to not being able to find homes for them and the complete over-population of shelters. This is complete fucking bullshit.”

“My goal is to pull the “metal community” together as 1, to support saving these unfortunate animals and finding permanent homes for them. It is going to take a hell of A LOT of work, help and support BUT if metal is really “the strongest fan-force”, then lets make it happen.”

“Animal abuse is bullshit and completely UN-acceptable. Those who hurt animals deserve in-operable tumors at the base of their spines.”

“I’m sure many of you reading this can agree with me that when you walk in the door everyday, nothing feels better than the attention, love and happiness that you’re animal brings to “welcome” you home.”

“Musicians are overpaid and usually spend their money on drugs and other pointless shit. Maybe it’s time to start planning our children’s futures with a smart start by helping save the animals. I would eventually like to create a “METAL 4 PET’S” fund, in which artists can agree to donate a certain percentage of album, merch. and donation sales. Also, if the idea takes off (with you’re help) we can create an “OZZFEST” like tour, which proceeds go to M.4.P. in use of helping animals. I don’t see anything constructive happening in metal and if I did not enjoy playing it, I would probably completely disassociate myself with it. There are too many drug addicts and alcoholic’s in metal who take the money you pay them and stick it up their asses, noses and down their throats. FREAK THAT. ”

“Animals need us. We are their only hope…….Let’s spread the word.”

Check out MySpace.com/metal4pets or MySpace.com/davekinkade for more information.
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please check this out it is for a great cause
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