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 The Immune System

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PostSubject: The Immune System   Tue Jan 22, 2008 6:35 am

By W. Jean Dodds, DVM

Reprinted with permission from Dr. W. Jean Dodds


This article discusses the essential role of the immune system in maintaining the body’s overall general health and resistance to disease. The focus will be on environmental factors or events which may cause or trigger immune dysfunction leading to either immune deficiency or immune stimulation (reactive or autoimmunity). Related to these events is the development of cancer which is a disruption of cell growth control.


Overview of the Immune System
Immune competence is provided and maintained by two cellular systems which involve lymphocytes. Lymphocytes are cells produced by the body’s primary (bone marrow and thymus) and secondary (lymph nodes and spleen) lymphatic organs. They are descendants of the bone marrow’s pool of stem cells, and produce a circulating or humoral immune system derived from B-cells (bursa-dependent or bone marrow derived), and a cellular or cell-mediated immune system that derives from T-cells (thymus dependent).

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The Immune System
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