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 Dog lost/stolen from a disabled person...

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PostSubject: Dog lost/stolen from a disabled person...   Wed Mar 28, 2007 4:56 am

A dog named Buster has been missing for nearly a week, his owners said.

Joe Kelly adopted the dog as a companion for his son, Chris, who has spina bifida.

The dog disappeared from the family’s front porch during the ice storm last week, Kelly said.

Kelly said some passers-by told him that they saw someone take the dog.

Chris Kelly said the dog is his best friend.

“I love that dog,” he said.



Special-Needs Canine Companion Apparently Held For Ransom

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PHILADELPHIA -- A family already dealing with the theft of a special-needs canine companion said Monday the thief is apparently holding their dog for ransom.

"It's a ransom. It's totally a ransom. That's not a reward," said Chris Kelly.

There was no mistaking what the caller wanted when he phoned him and his father, Joe Kelly.

"He right away said that he did have my dog and that he was looking to return it, but he wanted to know what I was able to give him as a reward," the father said.

Chris Kelly has spina bifida and his companion dog, Buster, was allegedly stolen off their front deck on March 16, just seconds after Chris had gone inside their Port Richmond home.

The next day, a man with a thick accent called the Kellys' veterinarian saying he had the dog.

The Kellys hung posters around the Port Richmond area offering a $50 reward for Buster's safe return.

And, after NBC 10 profiled the theft Friday night, the man with the accent called the Kellys again, this time demanding $500 and purportedly making a threat.

"I can take this dog and sell it to people who want to use him in fighting-type situations with other dogs," Joe Kelly said the caller told him.

"It hurt me. It's my dog and that he would take something from someone who is in a wheelchair -- it just angers me," Chris Kelly said.

Police at the 24th District said all they can really do is show Buster's picture to patrol officers.

"The best you can hope for is a neighbor that sees the dog or someone that lives in the area where the dog might be and they call and give a tip," said Cpl. Lou Sytsma.

But the Kellys said they are tempted to try and raise the money and pay the ransom.

"Call back, tell us what to do and we'll do it," Chris Kelly said.

NBC 10's Doug Shimell said the Kellys told him they would not take any unnecessary risks, like meeting someone in a dark alley, but they said they feel like they have to do something.

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Dog lost/stolen from a disabled person...
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