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 Need Advice

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PostSubject: Re: Need Advice   Wed Jan 09, 2008 11:11 pm

I am glad things are getting a little better. Men, uhg I know what you mean, lol, they seem to think we blow everything out of proportion. Hopefully that is enough to keep her dog (and kid) at bay, if it starts happening again, take action quickly so she knows you are not blowing smoke. GOOD LUCK.
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PostSubject: Re: Need Advice   Thu Jan 10, 2008 3:07 am

Just to let you know, we carry this stuff at my work. (It is a farm supply store.) It is back in the fly and mouse bait area. The stuff is called Golden Malrin. Lots of farmers come in and get it to use on raccoons.. They mix the stuff up in cola ( cuz coons like the sweet stuff) and the critter doesn't make it 20 ft. it is quick. If that isn't an option I'd loaded it in a covered pick-up all dogs like car rides or hamburger and drive it to another town so no one can identify it and say you found it but watch out it is aggressive. Thats just me...
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PostSubject: Re: Need Advice   Fri Jan 11, 2008 1:17 am

well putting that stuff out is not an option as I am afraid that my cats will die too! I am hoping to get something done, I will try and let everyone know what the outcome is. I have been busy the last two days with a friend and helping her thru a crisis, so this has been on a side burner but Ive been watching it.
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PostSubject: Re: Need Advice   Thu Jan 17, 2008 6:32 am

shoot that sob with a pellet gun everyday till it stops coming around. i lived in the country for a while and had this problem and trust me it worked! they ain't dumb! get shot enough times and they will quit coming around. wouldn't you? lmao
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PostSubject: Re: Need Advice   

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Need Advice
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